Dot Game

Connect The Dots To Create Boxes and Beat The Computer

          A few years ago when I was at school, we used to play a game that we knew simply as Dots.  A number of dots were aligned on a piece of paper, and the aim of the game was to create squares of your own, by making boxes of four dots.  Those times were long before the internet was a daily part of people's lives, and when the commodore 64 was the latest exciting technology to bring computers into people's homes.

          Now, in the fast-paced internet world, you can relax and take time out to play Dots once more!  This time you play against your computer, which is quite a worthy opponent.  Playing the game is quite easy, but winning is a definite challenge.  You'll need skill to beat the computer, and will need strategy to think ahead.  You can connect any two dots together which are next to each other, either horizontally or vertically.  Click on one of the dots to choose where to start your connecting line, and then on a second adjacent dot (horizontally or vertically) to pick where your line will end.  A line will then appear to connect the two dots.  If you have managed to join two dots together which form the last side of a four-sided box, your color will fill the box, indicating that it belongs to you.  Similarly, if the computer has created a box in its move, the computer's color will fill that box.  Normally, you will only be able to make one connection per move, but if you have created a box, you will get an extra free move before the computer takes its turn.  You can get an unlimited number of free moves, so if you manage to create another box in any free move, then you can keep going until you are unable to create a further box.

Have fun and good luck against the computer

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