Street Acts

Prepare to be amazed, While walking down Henry street in Dublin, Ireland i spot this Man Juggling flaming torches. I found him to be very entertaining, and he seemed to impress nearly all passerby's. Sure with lot of practice anyone can juggle but this certain individual made it look a little too easy.

Balloon Twisting
Balloon twisting is the shaping of special modelling balloons into different shapes often a balloon animal In this case the twister is making a flower for a little girl.

Street Magic
There's more to magic than learning a pass, glide, or double lift. You absolutely CAN learn those moves in your local library. What you can't learn is how to take those moves and develop a professional repertoire of magic sleights and tricks that you can take on-stage or in front of a large crowed. While walking down Grafton street i spot this act that is more of a comic act than is magic.

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